Free shipping!

Oh well, yeah. Did we mention this yet. From now on you get free shipping if you order for more than 25€. Well, that is if you live in the USA or Europe. So, I guess if you buy two T-shirts in stead of one, the shipment is already free. How neat is that? Or if you buy a t-shirt and a mug. Or get a dress. Get a hoodie, like the one I designed. If you want to. It’s a nice hoodie. For people like me. Or you. I would definitely appreciate it if you buy my hoodie. Did I mention the shipment is free about 25€.

I’m sorry for the people in Japan or Canada or Liechtenstein. We had to pull up the purchase limit for free shipping to a number of countries. Something to do with customs and trade agreements and stuff. If you click on the map below, you’ll find a page where some dude wrote some explanation about shipping and costs. For people in Australia or Vanuatu or so, the shipping is still free if you buy two hoodie I designed. I would really appreciate it if you buy my hoodies.

— Arend Blauw

Click the map to find out more about our Fulfilment and Shipping Partner and about free shipping purchase limits for your country.