A backpack? Well I guess that’s not such a bad idea.

So the president enters my office and shouts, “Hendrik, I got this great idea: I want you to design a backpack.” So I answer, “Really. A backpack?” So she says, “Yea. Is there a better way to express yourself than to put wacky stuff on a backpack, wack your stack in it and just get out there discover the world and let the world discover you?” So I grunt a little and I think. “Well I guess that’s not such a bad idea. But why me? I don’t feel inspired to design a backpack.” So she chants, “But it’s not just you. I’ve asked all designers to concoct a backpack. It’ll be a whole range of backpack madness. And since it’s a backpack, you can cooperate and steal designs from each other.” So I knod. “I got an idea with a cup of coffee, a spoon and an eye.” And she says, “I don’t like spoons. Can’t it be something else? Why don’t you try something more controversial? And do something with colors.” Yea. That president Foo is quite a goofy president. Anyway. We created this entire collection of backpacks. So buy’em.