• Ananas


    Why don’t we all call it ananas?  And should it be banned from Pizza’s? These are the kind of questions we should organise a global referendum for.

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  • Nothing makes sense

    Nothing makes sense

    Pickled gerbils taste as bad as rainy weather in remote indigo regions of the British Commonwealth.  What did I tell you?  Nothing makes sense.  Unless you think about it.

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  • Forget - Facemask


    She is the tear that hangs inside my soul forever  (inspired by Jeff Buckley)

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  • President Foo Designers Mask

    President Foo Designers Mask

    If you’re not allowed to show your pretty smile, show all our pretty designers.

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  • My mask is a shield - facemask

    My mask is a shield

    We all want to hide sometimes.

    We want something to shield us from the big and scary world out there, don’t we?

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  • What are you looking at? - Facemask

    What are you looking at?

    Why on earth or any other planet are you reading this?

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  • Masked Ninja

    Masked Ninja

    Who didn’t wanna be a ninja when they grew up?

    Now is your chance with our ninja mask!

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  • Do not feed - Facemask
  • Art is the virus

    Art is the virus

    Life is Art.  The world is your gallery.

    No Virus can stop Art. Art is the virus.

    This is what we believe in at President Foo.
    Be yourself.  Express yourself.


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  • Distant Friend
  • Be Yourself

    Be Yourself

    No single classification can identify you. If you blend them all together and throw in some very specific and very personal ingredients, you may find YOU. Don’t let anyone limit your possibilities. Don’t let them label you. Be your full complexity. Be real. Be true. Be yourself. You are unique. I love you.

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  • Nonsense


    It makes perfect sense to wear a facemask. That doesn’t mean the mask-design needs to make sense.

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  • You are my universe - Facemask

    You are my universe

    You are my universe. I will protect you.  (at least a when you are less than 1,5 m from me)

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Featured Designer: Hym

Just when you think you understand him, he flips your mind

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