• So What? - Backpack

    So What?

    So, maybe you are different.  So, maybe you raise more questions than answers.  So, maybe you don’t comply.  So, maybe you are all complications.  So what?

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  • I have a mind of my own - T-shirt

    I have a mind of my own

    We know you have a mind of your own.  You don’t need us to put that on a t-shirt.  But you have to admit it’s a pretty cool t-shirt.

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  • Audition - T-shirt


    That time that 4 unidentified animals auditioned for a major animation studio.

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  • No Labels - T-shirt

    No Labels

    We at President Foo don’t like to label people. Labels limit the vast uniqueness of a person.  Don’t let society push you in a box that they can understand.  Don’t put yourself in a box out of fear for your own possibilities.  Be yourself to the fullest.  No Labels!

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  • No Labels - All Inclusive - T-shirt men

    No Labels – All Inclusive

    People are not ment to be labeled.  No label can ever capture your unique complexity.  Overcome your fear for complexity.  Don’t label people, don’t let them label you.  Labels are too often abused to exclude.  We prefer to be All Inclusive.

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  • Que? - Skater Dress


    The perfect dress … if you’re from Barcelona

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  • Forget - Facemask


    She is the tear that hangs inside my soul forever  (inspired by Jeff Buckley)

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  • Shirt for Lefties - T-shirt

    Shirt for Lefties

    Like that other president said….

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  • Nevertheless - T-shirt


    Well, don’t you just hate it when this happens?  Not that there are any dragons in this design.  But… Come on!

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  • been nowhere done nothing - T-shirt

    been nowhere done nothing

    Been Nowhere
    Done Nothing
    Bought the T-Shirt on internet


    Which is obviously what you should do as well.

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  • Do the Starfish - T-shirt

    Do The Starfish

    How to wear a president Foo T-shirt:

    1. Spread the T-shirt on a flat surface with the front down.
    2. Crawl into the T-shirt
    3. Place your head in the large hole in front of you
    4. Place your hands in the remaining holes
    5. Do The Starfish!
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  • Be Yourself! - T-shirt

    Be Yourself!

    No single classification can identify you. If you blend them all together and throw in some very specific and very personal ingredients, you may find YOU. Don’t let anyone limit your possibilities. Don’t let them label you. Be your full complexity. Be real. Be true. Be yourself. You are unique. I love you.

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  • Why do we keep waiting - hoodie

    Why do we keep waiting

    Why do we keep waiting on someone to fix it for us?
    That’s like waiting on a bus in a town without people.

    (artist impression of a busstop in semi-ghosttown Doel)

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  • Serendipity Street - Skater Dress

    Serendipity Street

    Strolling through Serendipity Street you find what you weren’t looking for.  E.g. construction workers taking a break in Köln.

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