Found a T-shirt you like, but you’d really wish to have it in heather prism mint background?Do you think one of our designs would look really cool on a swimsuit?Are you so flabbergasted by one our designs that you would like it on a canvas on your wall?
Well, maybe that’s possible.
Just fill in the form and let us know your request.

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In case a product/design is not available in your desired background color in our shop. We may still be able to make it for you. Unfortunately this simple form cannot show you the colors. The colors in this form are based on the colors printful offers on their Bella + Canvas 3001 t-shirts. Not all products are available in these colors.
In case you really like the design, but prefer it on a different product... Sure we can do that.
Use this field to specify your request. The more details you give us, the easier it will be for our designers to get into your wonderful mind, and recreate your dreams.


We can’t put it all in our shop

On our webshop we can only offer a limited set of products with our designs.Showing all possible product-design combinations that our supplier ( can provide, would soon flood our website. Still, we’d like to accommodate your desires as much as possible.


What can you ask as a custom request?

Some of the clothes can be delivered in more colors than available in our webshop. Some of the clothes can be designed for 4XL and 5XL.And most of all some designs can be transferred to other products.

Whether your request is feasible depends on…

  • Can our supplier provide the combination (product-size-color) you require?
  • Can the design be transferred to your requested product?
  • Is the requested combination representable? (e.g. we will not create products where
    • The background color and the predominant color in the design are too similar
    • The shape and dimensions of the product require cropping too much of the design
    • The product is too large for the design, making the design blurry.


How much will this cost you?

There will be extra costs if you have a custom request.The cost will be calculated like this:

Base cost of the requested product + (extra) shipping costs + customisation costs.

Base cost of the requested product:We have a standard pricelist we use to define the base price for all our products (even those we don’t have on the shop yet).So if you request the same product, the base price will not change.However sometimes similar products are actually not the same.E.g. a lot of our t-shirts are printed on a basic t-shirt (Gildan 64000).These have a very limited set of background colors.If you want a more colourful shirt, we will have to switch to the slightly more expensive version (Bella + Canvas 3001)

(extra) shipping costs: Each product has his own shipping costs.So transferring a design to a new product may influence shipping costs.
On top of that sometimes specific combinations are only made in a fulfilment center further away from you.This may also influence shipping costs.(Shipping costs are entirely defined by our supplier)

Customisation cost: Customisation will require some manual labor from our designers.Therefor we calculate a little extra for this depending on the labor we put into it.This can be as low as 1 euro (for a simple background color change) to 25 euro (complete redrawing a design for a product).

Always, before we charge you anything, we will send you an offer with the final cost.We will not create a custom product before you agree to this offer.