We understand we may be confusing here at President Foo from time to time. That’s ok. Most of the time we’re confused ourselves. Luckily there are solutions for that:

  1. Take a cold shower. Bang your head against the wall. Chant Finnish lovesongs while running over hot coal. Drink a bottle of Mezcal. (This never works for us, no matter how often we try. But it may do the trick for you)
  2. Read the collected works Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietsche backwards. Listen to all soundtracks written by Ennio Morricone while being submerged in a bowl of chicken soup. Watch Part 8 of Twin Peaks third season (but don’t watch any other episodes). Suddenly this site will not seem that confusing anymore.
  3. Take a pilgrimage to Borobudur. Become a buddhist monk. Half way to Nirvana, you will understand what our website is about.
  4. Read our Swedish-furniture-inspired instruction-leaflets or watch our crystal clear how-to video’s

How-to video’s

The Starfish Method. (How to put on a President Foo T-shirt)
How to apply a President Foo Skater Dress. (May also work for other dresses.)

Instruction Leaflets

  • Instructions for the President Foo CoffeeMugs: download

All our products are printed, fulfilled, shipped and whatever by a very nice company called Printful. We merely provide the designs and humbly accept your payments. If you want to have more information on our products, check out their website: printful.com.


You will find that printful offers more base products such as pillows, jackets, leggings, bathing suits, canvasses… than we have designs on. If you would like to see one of our designs on any other product, let us know via this form. We will see if it is technically feasible and send you a custom offer.

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