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President Foo is a brand created by the AmazeTheWorld team.

Who we are

AmazeTheWorld is a Belgian family of writers, actors, designers, photographers, painters, teachers, scientists and nerds. Well, at least that’s what we would like to be. President Foo (the webstore) is just another desperate attempt translate this creativity into hard cash. Seriously, we need it.

The Origins of President Foo

President Foo was originally a play written by Frank & Laura Robben. It was first performed by Hofpoortteater Elckerlyc in Turnhout, Belgium in a direction for Frank & Laura Robben. In that cast also Gwen & Alex Robben played. Read more about it on the Amaze The World website: President Foo. Frank wrote a very nice but extremely amateurish e-book version of it which is available for free on Apple iBookstore.
Warning! The play, the book and the descriptions on the website are in Dutch.

By the way… Our logo is actually created from a picture of Gwen Robben performing in President Foo. (Thanks to Bob for the original picture)

Then who are those Designers?

In case you still have some doubt… The Designers of President Foo are not real humans. They are fictitious characters. There not even original, they are based on characters that were used in other works:

Frank & Laura Robben created President Foo for their play President Foo
Arend Blauw was the leading character in a book ‘Bloed’ which was never finished. The name just stuck. (The name translates as ‘Eagle Blue’ but the dutch version sounds more mysterious right? Especially when you don’t understand any dutch).
Beatrix Rosebud was also created for a never published book and reused in a never sung song lyric: Rock Freebird and the Magical Experience of Life featuring the Rosebud Sisters on their way back to Hameln.
The name Hendrik Baggermolen popped up somewhere in the nineties in a letter from Frank Robben to someone else. It kept returning. Some say he once had a company ‘Hendrik Baggermolen Beton & Breiwerken‘ but that is just a rumour.
Karl-Heinz Klagerman first appeared in the play ‘Talisker‘ by Frank Robben. The story of the play was rewritten as a book: ‘Talisker‘. That book was even translated to English and oddly called ‘Talisker
King Knuft III (original dutch: Koning Knuft III) dies in the children’s play ‘De koning is dood‘ (The king is dead). Actually the play is more funny than the description I put here.
Sophie Johansson will appear in the book ‘Talisker en de Engelmannen‘ which will hopefully be published somewhere in the coming months or years.
Stephanie Featherweather, originally concocted as mysterious singer in an american midwest coverband, was reinvented as a university student in Frank Robben’s movie script ‘Maelstrom’. Needless to say this script was never published nor used as a base for a really movie.
Hym is the English name of the character ‘Zich’ from the play ‘Talisker‘ by Frank Robben. Obviously you can find Zich in the Dutch book version of : ‘Talisker‘, while Hym appears in the English version of ‘Talisker
The Designers of President Foo

Our other stuff

AmazeTheWorld.be is our main and more personal site. It contains a little bit information on us and some more information on our literary and theatre works.

TheSheCried.com is another designers site which is a lot like this one, but different. Come have a look.

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