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Stephanie Featherweather is the poet of our company.  In the spring she dances light- and barefooted through the studio’s chanting songs about butterflies and bumblebees in her frail voice.  In the summer she reads Verlaine in a hammock on the rooftop sipping a mint infused peach tea.  In the autumn she roams the forrests and dreams of talking squirrels in the colourful foliage.  In the winter… Stephanie in the winter is a fallen fairy moaning with a chamomile tea, wrapped in the comfort of her cashmere blanket by the smouldering fireplace.

Most of the time we don’t notice her as she hoovers through the building in her pastel linnen clothing. Her long greyblue hair gently waving over her shoulders.  Her pale blue eyes capturing every mood in her surrounding.  We feel she is with us all the time.  Which is a comforting thought unless you realise it just before you have to go to the bathroom.