We, the President Foo team, are just designers. We know nothing about creating products. We’re horrible at logistics. And don’t get us started about admin.

Luckily we work together with this fine company that are really good at quite some activities needed for our shop, that we are lousy at. Printful not only puts our designs on their quality products, they handle the complete fulfilment, warehousing and shipping. Neat right? So we can concentrate on the designing stuff.

Printful has several locations in the world (e.g. USA, Mexico, Latvia, Spain, Australia). They will of course try to product your chosen product in the nearest location. However not all products and variants are created in all locations. So if you’re living in Germany and you order the same t-shirt for your entire family, it may be so that the white and heather black background M-sized version are created in Latvia, but the mauve XS version for your daughter is only available in Mexico, while the red 5XL version for your neighbour is printed in the USA.


The shipping prices for our products are defined by They have their own way of calculating shipping prices based on where the product is fulfilled, where it needs to be delivered and of course size, shape and weight of the product. Via some automagical link they are presented on our website.

We know these shipping cost may be confusing sometimes. Sometimes a Flat Rate and Expres Rate have the same delivery time, but have different costs. And it gets even more confusing when you order above the limit for ….

Free Shipping!

Yes! If you order above 25€* you get the option to get free shipping. (You can chose to pay for shipping, but why would you?)
That’s right. Add a mug to your T-shirt order. Order two T-shirts (or five). Order a hoody or a dress. We’ll take the shipping cost for you.

*The small print about free shipping but then printed just as big as the rest on this page

Unfortunately we cannot offer the same free shipping all over the world. Due to customs and other stuff, shipping costs to some regions can get high, and we have to cover our expenses. The 25€ limit only counts for shipping to USA and Europe (excluding Norway/Switzerland/Liechtenstein/Iceland). There is free shipping for everyone, but the limit may be different in your country. See the overview below.

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